Wednesday, June 16, 2004

Nothing like a blog...

I never realized how boring I am until I started this blog. I really just work and take care of the baby. I'm not out having these ultracool times, though, I do enjoy my little bug-a-boo, who by the way is on the verge of learning how to flip herself over...very exciting!
Up here we are in the midst of wildfire season, but I am hoping to not have any wildfire stories at all. That is really not something I want. So far so good, knock wood, no fires have gotten anywhere near to where we live.
Nothing really exciting happens to least, not this week!
Two very exciting baby developments, she started to laugh out loud, really really laugh. And she is also somehow able to scoot all around in her crib now. I found her upside down, feet where her head should be, this morning. She was just sleeping, like it was nothing. I was truly amazed. Oh, and she also grabs at her toy bars now. She grabs a hold of a toy and tries to pull it to her. She also has started grabbing her toes! So cute.
I am very boring, the baby, very exciting!

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