Wednesday, July 07, 2004

More sampling than P. Diddy

I love samples. I love getting them, I love using them. I love samples. It's like that free taste of cheese at the deli counter, delicious and dangerous, almost like stealing. I mean, who only takes one beautifully toothpicked chunk of Colby? Noone.
Occasionally, the samples I get lead to full-sized purchases. That is how I found and fell in love with my favorite shampoo, Fructisse, with fruitanicals. After a brief flirtation with Brilliant Brunette, I am back to the 'Tisse.
A sample also brought me to the world of Desitin Creamy, for the Bits of course. It's a wonderful product. If you have the means, I highly recommend picking one up. It is so choice (nod wink Eleeza)
But most recently, my sample addled life was blessed...touched by the sample angel. This particular bit of joy was sitting in my cabinet, unopened, since I had Bits, almost four months ago. When we went to Utah for vacation I brought sample sizes of everything. Pack light! And I grabbed this wonderful sample on a whim.
The fabulous sample in question, Arm and Hammer toothpaste...It sounds gross, but my lord. What a rush! As soon as we got back to Arizona, I bought a full sized tube, perhaps the quickest sample to full turnaround on record.
I realize I am lame, what a silly thing to write about. And it leads me to this...I always wonder with all the Spam out there, who actually buys those penis enlarging, true mate finding, hot sexxy asian sluts products? And now I realize, my samples are someone else's spam, my treasure, their trash, my Arm and Hammer, their horny lesbo teens etc etc.
And oh, what a crazy mixed up world :)

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