Monday, January 31, 2005

SlangSite Words of the Week

The official words of the week are:

destinesia: (des-tin-EE-sha) reaching a destination and forgetting why you went there

Usage: I got all the way upstairs before my destinesia kicked in and didn't subside until I got all the way back downstairs.

Alternate: destinesiac (des-tin-EE-zee-ack) one who is afflicted with destinesia
Usage: Don't send me to get what you want! I'm a total destinesiac!

dicknotized: (DICK-no-tyzed) The state of sexual/emotional limbo that a female enters when she finds a boyfriend, thereby causing her to skip school, neglect her academics, drop friends, etc.

Usage: Sally and Jane used to hang out all the time, but then Sally met Dave and got all dicknotized.

Alternate: dicknotist (DICK-no-tyst) a male who monopolizes his girlfriend's time
Usage: I asked Sally to hit the mall with me but she's too busy hanging out with her dicknotist.

The words of the week!
Learn it, know it, live it

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