Wednesday, April 20, 2005

I know flacks are twits, but COME ON!

I got an e-mail press release today from a AAA flack about Earth Day and automotive repair shops going "green" whatever that means....
Anyway, the content of the release is merely a sidenote to the pure idiocy displayed by said flack, who, against my more evil judgment, shall remain nameless.
This IDIOT sent out an e-mail press release to maybe 200 media people all over Arizona, and put EVERYONE in the TO field...meaning, the flack sent out all 200 email addresses. What an IDIOT!
This reminds me of the time that some MORON sent out 700 home phone numbers of all these sports figures over the AP wire...including Steinbrenner, Barry Zito, Steve Young and Joe Theismann's parents...Very funny.
Hello! PR FLACK?!? It's called BCC - Learn it, know it, live it.

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