Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Briton Finds Venomous Centipede in House

Briton Finds Venomous Centipede in House - Yahoo! News

They might as well change the headline to "Jessica Evans kills venomous centipede found in house" because that's exactly what happened over the weekend here in Show Low.
One of those things got into my house and my cat chased it into the new baby's room. That's where I cornered it and beat it with my shoe very violently. The thing would NOT die. So I just totally beat the crap out of it, got it onto a piece of cardboard and flushed it down the toilet. It actually SWAM AROUND before it got flushed into the septic system where it's probably happily living now.
Those things are SICK. I thought it was a tiny snake at first. I freaked out!
Then not three days later, Bob beat the crap out of another one in our front yard with a piece of tree bark. He CHOPPED its HEAD OFF and the thing kept slithering.
Very very frightening.


eva said...

Any thoughts I may have previously had about coming to visit were vanished with that single post. A VENOMOUS CENTIPEDE???? I'M OUT!

Jessey said...

Hey! At least we killed them! WE didn't take them to a museum like freaky limeys.
We've lived here over a year and have only had to murder TWO venomous centipedes...that's all. How weak are you!

cube said...

You need to move NOW!

Caryn said...

OMG! And here I thought we shared a lot of the same creatures with you (I'm in SE UT). I did find several medium-sized centipedes in my flower box a few days ago, and they gave me the shivers, but they weren't anywhere as big as that.

By the way, found you off the AZ Webring, via Blog Advance, if you're curious. Wish I could find a webring for UT people.

Jessey said...

Our centipede wasn't QUITE 9 inches long, but it wasn't far off. It was maybe 6 inches of pure terror.
It still freaks me out just to think about, I think I'll stop now.