Thursday, August 25, 2005

Terrible 1.5s

It's official, we have entered the rough and tumble toddler years.
Over the last two weeks, Elizabeth has split her lip open TWICE, each injury triggering a blood letting the likes of which I have only seen in Scream 2.
Both times I tried to comfort her and ended up covered in baby face blood, both times I was (thankfully) wearing a black shirt so as to camouflage my splatter movie appearance.
Just two days ago, three storm windows that we have yet to install fell on top of Elizabeth while she was running around the house like a crazed monkey on crack. The weight of the windows pushed her face down into a wine rack (thank god I'm pregster and it was an empty rack!)which cut her face in at least three places. She also got a rug burn on her chin.
Aside from that, she tried to run into the street yesterday, has attempted several escape out the window onto the back deck stunts and makes daily attempts to scale the cat tower, which is easily twice her height and occupied by mostly gentle but sometimes snarky - and heavily armed - cats.
I'm supposed to have six more months of wonderful sweet baby time before the Terrible Twos strike with a vengeance and I have to wrap my darling child in bubble wrap. I guess she's just advanced for her age.


cube said...

Yeah it's tough, but cherish these days because they'll be gone in a flash & then you will miss them. I know.

BTW interesting cat condo.

Jessey said...

You should have seen the cat towers that my husband and my brother became obsessed with making themselves at home from old lumber and carpet remnants. It was quite the little enterprise they had going.