Monday, September 26, 2005

Call Me Ishmael?

So, I'm having trouble coming up with The Best Baby Name Ever.
Obviously, I'm stumped as I've resorted to random name generators!
This particular one though is not MUCH help as among the standard John, Barry, Larry, Lenny, Bernie type names, it's tossing out, in an oh so helpful fashion, names that included:
and of course, the aforementioned Ishmael.

Anyone out there who named their child Jock, I hereby heartily apologize to, but come on! Jock? Really?
Send help.


Cary said...

At least it didn't give you "Moon Unit" or anything acid-ish like that.

Jessey said...

Yanni was quite enough for me...I had to quit.

eva said...

Geez, it's not like the kid is going to have this name for the rest of his life or anything... oh wait... Well, just don't name him "Gaylord" or anything douchebag-y like that. Wasn't that helpful?

cube said...

Monosyllabic names are good... Zach, Jack, Mac, Sam. You know, names that are easy to yell out when you're screaming about the disarray in his room.

Jessey said...

Douche? That's nice! What about Vag? Short for Vagina...pronounced Vuh-jye-nuh (yesh, like regular)
Frankly kiddos, I'm stumped. I'm broke down by the system.
I can see now why celebs just look around their places and name their kids after whatever they see first, a la Jason Lee, Gwyneth Paltry, Punky Brewster and Rachel Griffiths.
(kids named Pilot Inspektor, Apple, Poet and Banjo, respectively)

cube said...

Don't forget Django if you want Baby X to have a pretentious musician name.

Don't despair. The perfect name will come to you.

Jessey said...

My mom sent me baby name books in the mail, shockingly, they are helpful!
Elizabeth is still dead set on Butch for her baby brother, my mom calls him Bubba. Thank goodness neither of them have a vote in THIS election!