Friday, October 21, 2005

Mother throws babies off of pier

I told my husband about this story this morning. He hadn't heard it. I was reading to him from the article and turned around and he had tears in his eyes. He was so angry and upset about this. I think most people who hear about this feel the same way.
I can't believe this woman's family is rallying around her. The quotes in this article from her sister: "She told my mama she was going to feed them to the sharks. No one thought it was that serious."
Her uncle said "Lashuan is very protective of the children and I think one of the reasons Lashuan stopped taking her medication was for fear of losing her three children."
That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard in my life. She was on Haldol and decided since her symptoms had gotten better she didn't need it anymore! WHY did she think she had gotten better?? Maybe the Haldol? You think?
Oh, this makes me so mad!
Damn child protective services let some crazy woman have custody of her kids, she was living in a shelter, and there were other family members who could have taken those boys.
Her mother KNEW she was off the meds and asked for custody of the kids, but did she really push enough? I would fight tooth and nail to get custody if I knew some crazy person out there threatening their kids' lives.
What is the matter with people?


cube said...

Just because you can physically have children, doesn't mean you should. BTW where was the father, or is that fathers? A societal problem that we don't address successfully. And once again, it's the babies who suffer. Very sad.

Freebird said...
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Freebird said...

Yes, it's very sad. I can shed some light on this from personal experience. I had already planned on writing about this when time allowed, just haven't gotten the chance to yet.

BTW, I'm not the crazy one.

Jessey said...

Apparently the father was worse off than the mother, and that's how she got custody in the first place. But even so...someone in that family has to be sane!

compassioNAT said...

If the lady was indeed protective of her kids, she would have commited to the medication!

Just a few days ago i read a similiarly tragic story in the papers. A mother who was suffering from depression and cancer leapt to her death to end her misery. The worst part was that she brought down her two girls with her.