Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Woody's woody is operational

As much as I desperately want to despise this hippie, french fry oil car loving, pot smoking, Natural Born Killer, I just can't.
He's too damn funny.
Oh, and he's gonna be a dad for the third time.

His quote:
"The wife is preggers ... and we've narrowed it down to me."
Sadly, her name is Laura and not Kelly.
Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, Kelly
He's not really a professional singer. He's more of a vocal stylist.


cube said...

I used to like him a long time ago on Cheers, but once I heard his outrageous political rants, I just don't see him the same way.

I wouldn't want him being my dad. Or having his dad for a grandpa. (Grandpa murdered somebody).

Jessey said...

Somehow I am able to put aside his crazy politics and just love the funny.
Though, I certainly wouldn't want a murdering father-in-law...although, my husband's dad did kill a cat once as a kid...hmm.

cube said...

Hey, my sister fell on a kitten when she was a kid & it died the next day. She acted like she didn't know what happened, by my other sister played Torquemada, the Grand Inquisitor, until she confessed her crime. Sometimes it's rough being a cat & one of my sisters.

Jessey said...

My FIL was an only child until he was 18, and thus, the only suspect in many crimes he actually committed.
He didn't ACCIDENTALLY kill this cat mind you. It was his pet cat and I am not sure of ALL the details but legend has it that he hung the cat from the clothesline. He was then forever banned from having any pets.
But he's not a serial killer now, so, maybe he snapped out of it?