Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Coffee in pregnancy may be risky: study

Read the headline, panicked...then read the story...

Study says:
Women who drink eight or more cups of coffee daily while pregnant are at risk for spontaneous abortion and stillbirth, Danish researchers report. In their study, they found that fetal death was twice as likely among heavy coffee drinkers relative to pregnant women who did not drink coffee.

That's fricking LUDICROUS!
Who drinks eight cups of coffee a day (besides Kathy Griffin)

I am lucky to finish ONE cup. I feel much better now.


Freebird said...

At most I drink two. Eight is just an insane amount of coffee, esp when preggers. Well, heck, it's no wonder they lose their baby. DUH!

cube said...

I would think 8 cups of anything except perhaps water is bad during pregnancy.

Jessey said...

I agree. Eight cups of soup. Eight cups of spaghetti sauce. Eight cups of ice cream...actually, that sounds fine to me. Eight cups of rice and beans. Eight cups of Gatorade.
All ill.

Amy said...

Is it just coffee? Or caffeine? What if it's 2 cups of coffee, 4 cans of red bull, and 2 cans of mountain dew?

And I don't even drink 8 cups of anything. Geez.

Jessey said...

I think four cans of Red Bull is probably bad for anyone at anytime.
In fact, I think eight cups of coffee is probably no good for anyone, pregnant or not!