Sunday, November 13, 2005

Fifty Days

I have 50 days from today until my son is born.
In the next 50 days, I have to do all of the following:

1) Figure out how the heck I am going to juggle one house, a part-time job and full-time parenting one toddler and one newborn!! What!?

2) Pick a name for this baby. We are STILL undecided!

3) Finish the nursery. I still need a dresser in there along with some other furniture. Plus, I need to clear out the crap that doesn't belong in there AND find someplace else to put that crap.

4) Get ready emotionally and physically to undergo surgery again. It's very traumatic! Thank goodness my mom will be here to help me recover.

5) Find a bassinet for the baby to sleep in for the first few months. The one we were supposed to get from family fell through, sadly. Otherwise, in about 54 days I'll be putting my child to sleep in a laundry basket and in 55 days Child Protective Services will be taking my child away for neglect!

6) Perhaps most importantly, I have to enjoy this time we have left as a crazy family of three and get ready for our whole world to change as we upgrade to a family of four...yikes!

Wish me luck! Ready...set...go!


cube said...

Wow, how do you even find time to blog?

Jessey said...

I don't know!!
I type fast...that probably helps!

Hilary said...

Ooh ooh! Baby names! This is fun! I already have about forty picked out for my someday kids. Are there any you're leaning toward?

Jessey said...

Hilary! You're going to have 40 babies? Does Joe know about this?
Or are you just going to name them with 10 names each?
Hilary Joe Heath Eleeza Jessica Elizabeth Robert Jebediah Malcolm Octavius Smith.