Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Actress Tori Spelling Reportedly Engaged

HOW can you get engaged when you're not even divorced yet?
HOW? How?!?! How?

When poor people act like this, we call them white trash.
Well, Donna Martin, if the cut-offs and halter tops fit, wear 'em.


eva said...

Donna Johnson graduates! Donna Johnson graduates! Apparently, Donna Johnson also gets to act like a ho and because of her hoity toity parent, nobody gets to judge her!

Jessey said...

You're funny. You are on celeb overload I think...
Don Johnson, Donna Martin.

I'M judging Tori and her Tori-hole. I'm fully judging her. She's a ho. A big slutty ho.
Her dad is like the crypt keeper anyway...ew.

Amy said...

Do you think he will lay out big bucks for her second wedding like he did for the first?

Jessey said...

From what I've heard re: Tori's dad...he's pretty addled mentally at this point. I mean, the dude's like 80 years old I think.
I've heard he's softheaded now. Maybe he doesn't even know what Tori and her hole are up to.

I definitely think if my kid was married then split a year later then engaged again within four months, we'd not be laying out any sort of cash, and we'd be having a big talk. A BIG talk.

Freebird said...

Oh, I'm sure daddy's gonna fork over the big bucks for his little princess. You know, it's not every day she gets married. :-P

Jessey said...

Riiiight. Just once a year.