Friday, December 02, 2005

DUIs for the Stars

All that pressure from fame and fortune is taking its toll on the glitterati.
Michelle Rodriguez and Cynthia Watros, of Lost, were pulled over within minutes of one another in Hawaii and cited for DUI.
Earlier this week, Vince Vaughn was pulled over in Scottsdale, Ariz. and subjected to sobriety tests, but was not arrested. His passenger? Jennifer Aniston.
And most hilariously, Scott Stapp, the monkey from Creed, got into a bar brawl with two members of the reggae-rap fusion band 311. Doug Martinez and Chad Sexton apparently put the smack down on Stapp after he got drunk, vulgar and belligerent. Martinez reportedly broke his hand beating down the Eddie Vedder sound-alike. What a Beautiful Disaster.
Add to all this the Paris Hilton/Stavros Niarchos car accident of several weeks ago, and pretty much everything Tara Reid does when she leaves the house, and you've got quite the epidemic of drunken belligerence among our favored celebrity class.
Did I miss any recent DUI incidents??


Amy said...

People who drive drunk annoy me to no end. They are so stupid. I admit I have never been drunk, and don't ever plan to be. But, I do not understand why people go out with the intention of getting piss drunk, then try to say they're not drunk enough to drive. Umm, if you're trying to prove you're the human alcohol consumption king, then wouldn't claiming driving sobriety negate your king-ness?

cube said...

Especially when they can afford a cab.

BTW sorry about your Packers. I hope they're not drowning their sorrow after Sunday's game & then driving!

Jessey said...

Packers lost, Raiders lost.
It's a sad weekend.

Amy said...

It is my husband's fault the packers are so horrible. He has Favre as his fantasty league quarterback. Whenever he has Favre, both Favre and the Packers are stikeriffic. In fact, I told him last night that he should be ashamed of himself for doing this to Favre.

Jessey said...

Favre's had a rough year. His dad died, his brother in law is killed in a freak ATV accident, his wife's got breast cancer.
Your husband must be super sadistic! Frankly, I don't think Favre will be back next year, and that makes me sad. He was my original football love.