Saturday, December 10, 2005


This morning we woke up to a wonderful sight...our game and fish trap (baited with sardines and cat food) WORKED!!

We caught the little monster that was terrorizing us for the last few months!
No, not Elizabeth! (Shown here in a vintage pic to honor her 21 month birthday!)

The evil Miniature has been captured and taken off the premises! That was our name for the stray cat - Mini, mostly because he looked like our cat Pumpkin, but a miniature version and because he appeared at around the same time that Pumpkin DISappeared. Coincidence?

I am so happy, I could float on the air. That is, if I didn't weigh as much as a gestating hippo.
Ding dong the feral cat is gone!


cube said...

Good for you. We're short one cat too, but not happily.

One of our kittens ran out the door very early this morning, and has disappeared off the face of the earth.

cube said...

Where is my brain? I forgot to wish Elizabeth a very happy birthday. Is that spinach she's sporting all over her cute face?

Jessey said...

That is indeed the first taste of spinach, which she unexpectedly enjoyed very much. She'll still pretty much eat anything.
She was around five months old in this picture, we had just moved into our house. She's now almost two years old. Crazy. Time flies.