Friday, December 16, 2005

The One Where My Husband Thinks Everyone is Gay

I have posted somewhere before that we have no local news where I live. That is both true and misleading.
We have no regular network locally based television station that broadcasts a news program, or any other program for that matter. For TV news, we tune into Phoenix stations, for the most part. For our news, we have the radio or the newspaper.

However, there IS a weekly news broadcast that airs on cable here. I really hesitate to call it "news" since it's mostly movie reviews and very slanted stories about various city council meetings. There's also a puppet who gives commentary on issues going on in our area, but that's a whole other story altogether.

This program has only slightly higher production values than those that are produced by the local high school A/V clubs, but I think that's mostly attributable to the cost of the upkeep of the puppet, and I digress.

Last night we were flipping through the channels and happened to land on the station that carries said informative news program. We started watching during the puppet portion of the show. This was toward the end of the program.

The guy who puts together the news show then came on the television to wrap it all up for us viewers at home. I know this person because we cover a lot of the same meetings and events, however, I do not particularly LIKE this person.

Me: I do not like that guy.
Bob: Who is that?
Me: Kevin.
Bob: What does he do?
Me: He does this.
Bob: Is he gay?
Me: No, he hits on all the girls.
Bob: Does he hit on you?
Me: No.
Bob: That's probably because he knows me.
Me: Or because I'm always pregnant.


cube said...

Your husband is simply mirroring today's cultural mantra coming out of Hollywood. The gays would love to have all of us believe that it's just a wonderful gay world.
I mean, had King Kong been gay, it would be doing way better with the movie awards.

Jessey said...

That's so funny, that is exactly what the guys on the morning radio show I listen to said.
If Naomi Watts had been replaced with, say, Brad Pitt, then Kong would've been lauded!

Amy said...

Funny on the no real news in your town. We also have no local news broadcast, it's all from Anchoage. We have the local paper and then the local radio and local NPR. This morning's story was about how the swim team from another southeast town won all these awards at a state tournament, thought they were stolen from their car, reported them missing, got back home and got a call from our swim team saying they had the awards, and haha isn't that so funny they thought their awards were stolen!

Fast-breaking and hard-hitting, lemme tell you.

And the quality of our local commercials suck also. They are barely better than home videos.

Jessey said...

Our local commercials are rarely better than home videos and often consist of a still shot of the building to which the retailer would like you to go and the phone number and address superimposed on top of that.
Very sad.
The best thing we have on our local cable channel is the local chefs cooking show, where the chefs from local restaurants teach you how to cook your favorite stuff from that restaurant. It's great!

It's like Food Network, but you know everyone.

cube said...

Hey, I know everyone on the Food Network.

Jessey said...

I mean, *know* know.
Like, they know you too. :)