Friday, January 13, 2006

Gwyneth Paltrow Says She's Pregnant - Yahoo! News

First Angelina, now Gwyneth, which Pitt paramour will turn up preggers next??
Jennifer Aniston?
Juliette Lewis?

Very interesting.


cube said...

Gwyneth needs a sibling for little Apple... I'm betting she'll name the new fruitling, Starfruit.

BTW Aniston will be next...ovaries willing.

Amy said...

I vote for Orange. Imagine the fun they'd have when the kids were in school.

Teacher: You're younger daughter just isn't as ambitious as your older one.
Gwyneth: My children are individuals, you can't compare them! It's like comparing apples to oranges!

Jessey said...

Isn't Orange a boy's name? :)

She should name her next one Mango, Mango Martin. I love the Mango.

Seriously though, the pressure is on her to come up with something equally outlandish to name this next baby.
And I thought I had it rough!

Amy said...

Maybe Rosy, then she'd have Rosy Apple.

Freebird said...

Amy's on the right track. What about apple & martini, or apple & dumpling, or apple & jacks.

cube said...

Amy's quip about apples v. oranges is too funny. Well done!

Amy said...

Oh Freebird I didn't even think about Jack! That would be perfect. I wonder if they have Apple Jacks in England, the joke would be totally lost.