Monday, January 09, 2006

Our alien pod hatching days are over

This morning we had a followup visit to the pediatrician's office for Mr. Pickles' jaundice.
Doc told us that he was looking good, we could stop using the bili lights and no more heel sticks to check his bili levels! Yahoo on all three counts.
Further, the lovely Dylan has gained back six ounces of the 10 he lost post-birth. So that's really good news. It means he's nursing well, gaining weight, thriving!
I couldn't be more thrilled.

Now I can disconnect all the bili lights in our room and we can sleep without the soothing cool blue glow of the alien incubator just inches from our heads. The bad news is we'll have to find another nightlight.


cube said...

Good. The Tweety thing had me worried ;-)

Jessey said...

He's peachy keen!

Amy said...

I'm glad too! But why do you call him Mr. Pickles. . .

Jessey said...

Dylan = Dyl
Dyl = Dill
Dill Pickles
Mr. Pickles.

I think it's funny!

Freebird said...

HA! That's cute. Mr. Pickles it is.

p.s. He's such a handesome Mr. Pickles. :-)

eva said...

See!! I TOLD you he'd be fine. Learn to trust my non-maternal, freak single-girl instincts. Sheesh.

Jessey said...

Eleeza, you have maternal instincts.
You nurtured me through many a difficult day back in the day.
Which was a Wednesday, I don't know if you know that. When you talk about back in the day, it was a Wednesday.