Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Oh My World!

Drew Lachey wins Dancing With the Stars
Take THAT Jessica Simpson! You could have shared the celebration, but NOOOOOO!

Anna Nicole Smith Goes to the Supreme Court
Look out Clarence Thomas.

The Bachelor chooses the girl who lives around the corner from him.
Big shock! They both live in Nashville, as opposed to the other finalist who lives 2000 miles away in Los Angeles. That sounds about right. Funny thing is they went all the way to France to meet each other.

I recently saw a report about a thing called "unschooling" which is like home schooling, but with no curriculum, schedule, tests or work.
Apparently children who are unschooled are allowed to set their own schedule, some choosing to play outside all day, some watching cartoons. They say kids who are unschooled do not learn to read until an average of 9 years old. Maybe Becks was unschooled?


cube said...

I wode thnik your write aboat Beck haveing no skool.

Jessey said...

Aw Becks...it's fun, but sad.
He's like a pinata now, just hanging there in the breeze, waiting to accept his schwacks. And then the sweet delicious candy he contains will spill to the ground, and we'll all scramble to scoop up as much as we can.
Then we'll discard his empty shell.
Sad, but fun.
Quick Becks, 2 + 4 = ???

Aw, he doesn't know.