Thursday, February 09, 2006

Return of the Mack


Dylan got discharged from Phoenix Childrens' Hospital yesterday afternoon and we made the three hour drive home in just about two and a half hours. Were we anxious to get home? YES!

Here's the long story short.
He got sick and our pediatrician had him admitted to our local hospital. He wasn't really getting much better, having trouble breathing without constant suctioning of the lots of thick goo in his respiratory passages. He was on oxygen also.
Well, it gets to be Saturday night and this respiratory therapist decides that she thinks he has a heart condition that is undiagnosed. He doesn't. And at the nurse reports at change of shift, she decides to tell everyone her thoughts. So the nursing staff gets all freaked out and don't want to treat my baby anymore.
Cut to midnight, we're loaded up in an ambulance heading to the airport to get on a tiny scary ass plane to fly him down to Phoenix to the childrens hospital for treatment.
We end up in the PICU for two nights. The resident there asked me why we got transferred, I told her it was because the nursing staff was freaked out by a tiny baby. She said, "Weenies"
After we spent Super Bowl Sunday in the PICU where there were babies on ventilators, we got transferred to the floor (which is the name for the regular rooms). We spent two more nights there, the last of which Dylan was finally off oxygen which made him ready to go home.
So here we are, nine days, five hospital rooms, four sick roommates, two different hospitals and one scary midnight plane ride later!
It feels so good to be back!

Thanks everyone for your thoughts and prayers, it really worked!


Freebird said...

Glad you're back, but REALLY glad Dylan is okay.

Anonymous said...

Welcome home, J and D. You gave us all quite a scare! Glad you're back in action.

cube said...

That sounds like such a bad ordeal. At least Baby D. is well & your life is back to normal.

Amy said...

Yeah, I'm glad everything turned out okay. Stupid nurse having to mess everything up and make you fly on a tiny plane!

eva said...

Hey, You came home early! That's great. I'm so glad everyone's healthy. :)

Jessey said...

We just followed up with our new pediatrician too and he said that Dylan is totally OK. Yahoo!

He also told me that he talked to the boss of the stupid respiratory therapist who spooked the staff AND the nursing supervisor to tell them what's what with their people. He also said that because of OUR situation he learned his lesson and when he had to hospitalize a baby less than ONE WEEK old he put THAT baby in ICU and left him there, where the nurses aren't weenies.

Jill said...

Hope things are better now.