Friday, March 31, 2006

Call Him Odd Job

Since Bob's been laid off for weather and his old boss is a dick (he is, trust me) he's been picking up odd jobs here and there to keep us in string cheese and milk for the young'un.
Last weekend he worked at his dad's finishing up a window installation project, which incidentally is still unfinished because it started to rain and he got "shocked" (his words) from one of his power tools. I did not ask which one.

Today he is driving our renter down to Phoenix and back, for payment and gasoline and food. Not a bad job. Hopefully, they'll beat the weather on their way back up the mountain...driving in a thunderstorm is not fun.

This weekend, he's rebuilding a fence for a gal I (used to) work with on Saturday and then he's framing out a house for his brother's boss on Sunday.

This was his reaction to all the side work (which, is it still "side" work if you have no central work?)

Bob: With putting up that fence and then framing the house, it's almost like I'm working for real.

Me: Uh huh.

In other financial news, we may have FINALLY come to agreeable terms on our inheritance settlement, which if you ask me should NOT have taken this long, what with terms like "ALL" and "OUTRIGHT" right there in the legal documents that established our inheritance in the first place...but I digress...
You will know that we have finally received our inheritance when you come to this blog one day and there is a giant picture of a champagne bottle popping its cork in celebration.
Popping its cork...that's vaguely dirty.


Chris said...

How long have you been waiting? I'm the executor for my dad's estate and I'm still waiting for the various parties to sell the family home in Long Island. He died in '04 before my daughter was born.

Jessey said...

I wish it was as simple as just waiting for something to sell or waiting out probate.
We're actually in a drawn-out legal wrangling with my step-mom who initially told my brother that we weren't left anything when my dad actually had a family trust leaving us $25K each. So, we've been going back and forth with lawyers to get her to give us our inheritance pretty much since my dad died which was last July.
It's super painful and it's tarnishing the memory of my dad for me. I just can't imagine how or why someone would be so blatantly evil as to lie to the children of the man she supposedly loved. But, ah well, it's her eternal damnation, not mine. It should all shake out soon, hopefully.