Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Protests Over Immigration Bills Continue

I really can't take much more of this.

How shocking is it that people who came into the country illegally would not want to be prosecuted as felons and are now protesting?
You ask me, we should round up all the protestors, find the illegals and deport them.

As soon as the government stops handing out welfare checks, social services, free educations and healthcare to people who jackbooted their way into our country AND the people who hire illegals to work for them (incidentally, not just picking lettuce and washing dishes but also for construction jobs, which drives the labor rate waaay down for LEGAL workers) the "immigrants" will go back to their countries of origin.
If they can't get an illegal job and illegally get on the dole and illegally enroll their kids in school and illegally get housing and medical services, they'll go someplace where they CAN get those things.
This is making me SICK!

At our state Department of Economic Services office there is a sign that assures illegals that their "legal status" in the country will have no effect on their ability to receive medical benefits from the state. What the hell is that? Our taxes pay for those medical benefits! Why on God's green earth should people who don't pay taxes and are here CRIMINALLY get to reap the harvest that we sow with our hard earned money.

Now, I'm all worked up.


cube said...

It's crazy, isn't it.

Jessey said...


It's so crazy, it's making ME crazy!

Why did I even get my kids Social Security numbers? What's the point? They obviously don't need them!