Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Unexpected Hotties

I recently told my husband that I have strange taste in men. I'm not really sure how he felt about that.
What I meant was that I don't usually find the typical good-looking actor types to be attractive, instead, I am strangely attracted to the following unexpected hotties:

1. David Morse, he was "Hack" and the evil guy in "12 Monkeys"

2. JK Simmons, he's the psychiatrist from "Law and Order" and he's now on "The Closer"

3. Terry O'Quinn, Locke from "Lost"

4. Jack Nicholson, not only is he the epitome of cool, he's from Jersey too. Whoo! Go Jersey!

5. Alec Baldwin, who I swear was not hot until he hit 40.

There's a pattern here....I may have some sort of father figure complex, you think?


Amy said...

I have a thing for Bill Pullman and Don Cheadle. Although Don Cheadle I guess isn't that much older than me.

Freebird said...

William Hurt. His voice more than anything else. It's so powerful and commanding. He could be reading out the phone book for all I care.

I like John Locke from LOST because he reminds me so much of my John. They have same calm, cool, demeanor (sp?).

Jessey said...

I'm also sort of obsessed with Bill Cosby, though, in less of a sexual way. More like I wish Dr. Huxtable was my dad.

Amy said...

Umm Bill Cosby has turned out to be a secret sleaze.

eaf said...

Jeremy Irons does it for me. I think it's the accent and the creepy edge.

The first three guys look remarkably similar, so it's not surprising you like all three. I like the lawyer guy from L&O too, but I think it's his character's personality more than anything.

Sar said...

Unexpected? You could say that again, Jessey. ;) But realy I have no room to talk. My hottie radar is all over the place. I just love men. You already know about my attraction to Jack Bauer. But I've also had a thing for Ed Harris - another sexy bald guy, feel free to add him to your list. And Colin Farell - smokin hot bad boy. I could go on and on, but I'll stop there.

Jessey said...

Cosby may secretly be sleazy, but King Mr. Dr. Huxtable is of course, perfect in every way!

I forgot about my secret and inappropriate crush on Sam Waterston who is older than both my parents and is going to be 66 this year. Wildly inappropriate!

Also, David Caruso, but only on CSI Miami.
I think I like grumpy curmudgeons and that's the pattern. Good thing I married MY husband...who's only 25 but is well on his way to full-fledged curmugeonly-ness.

cube said...

Very strange indeed.

cube said...

I see old roger fart dudes...