Friday, April 21, 2006

Denise and Charlie Get Ugly

Charlie says "I love kiddie porn!"

Denise says (through gritted teeth) "I'm taking you for everything you've got, pervy!"

But seriously...didn't Denise Richards know what she was getting into with this fucking guy?
He's the perv to end all pervs.
And his sister wears too much eye makeup, people think she's a whore. *WinK*


Amy said...

My husband sent me the link to the smoking gun this afternoon where the affidavit she filed is. I only read the first page, but he read the entire thing. Then told me that I was lucky to have found him because Charlie Sheen's a sick f**K.

Jessey said...

Yeah, cause you were probably torn between David and Charlie Sheen there for a while...thank goodness you chose wisely.

Amy said...

Well, he meant there a lot of Charlie Sheen type sickos out there, but, you know, it was easier to just type Charlie Sheen last night.

Jessey said...

Yes, he is a sicko. I always knew it. But how stupid is Denise Richards to think he'd change?
Not the brightest move marrying that whorelover.