Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Just for Cuteness

Brother and sister, post-baths
Dig the cute baby robe!
Dylan looks super happy to be in the clutches of his slightly crazy sister.
He'll have to get used to being loved.


eaf said...

Those are some CUTE kids!

Jessey said...

Aw thanks! I wish I could take any of the credit, but they both look like daddy.

Sar said...

AWWWWWW. They are adorable, Jessey. I love when they're fresh out of the bath. Have you ever seen such perfect skin?

Btw, I just have to tell you, your caption was simply hilarious, Jessey!

eva said...

I love kids post-bath. All the dirty ickiness of pre-bath kids are gone, they smell great and they're usually subdued and fun. Maybe when I have kids I'll make them take baths ALL THE TIME, then it might be bearable for me. ;)

Jessey said...

But then you end up with PRUNE children, which are scarier than Children of the Corn, and Korn.