Thursday, April 06, 2006

Lost! Yay!

So I FINALLY remembered to tune into Lost, after two weeks of insanity.
And how appropriate that I say INSANITY.

I literally got chills three or four times last night watching Lost. I had bad dreams about it. I was totally creeped out for about two hours after the show. My cat running around was freaking me out.
Now THAT'S a high-quality Lost episode.

What did everyone else think?


Chris said...

I enjoyed it. There was a Mr. Eko cameo too, which always makes the episode better. The "Bad Cop/Worse Cop" dynamic with Sayid and Ana Lucia was nice too. I like that we're actually getting some substantial information too.

I called Libby being a mental patient. Excellent.

Jessey said...

Mr. Eko is the bomb.
I especially enjoyed the dynamic with Fake Henry "Fenry" and Sayid...

Fenry: They'll kill me!
Sayid: (aiming pistol at Fenry's dome) I'LL kill you!


Like I said, this episode got me back on track as a Lost lover, though I was remiss and missed a couple weeks. It's so hard to know when to tune it, what with all the damn reruns.

Hurley and Libby are both still crazy, I think. I'll call that one right now.

Jessey said...

I thought more people would want to talk about Lost. Guess I was wrong!