Friday, May 12, 2006

I was reading Cube's blog this morning, enjoying the sweet little newborn kitten pic with my daughter. She said awwww kitty. Then right underneath was this post about Mahmoud Amadinejad.

She asked me "Who's that?"
I said "That's Mahmoud Amadinejad."

She looked at me with a smile that said "Say what?"
I said, "Can you say Mahmoud Amadinejad?"

"You me nee nee booty jad?"

Close enough.


Freebird said...


cube said...

I'm glad people find my blog educational. Just tell Elizabeth to call him Amadinenutjob. It's shorter.

Jessey said...


cube said...

Wait, I just noticed that you were at the newborn kitty post and you didn't comment.

Would it kill you to comment? I live for witty comments, you know.

Jessey said...

You got me. I've been lax in my commenting...
40 lashes, wet noodle.