Monday, May 01, 2006

Pickler's Pop Finds Freedom

Kellie Pickler's Dad Gets Out of Prison

This story says that The Pickler's dad was in the slammer for "stabbing a trailer-park neighbor in 2003."
But that's not the whole story.

This story adds the layer that Pop Pickler stabbed a guy in the shoulder, then held a knife to his throat.
The man said he broke free and ran away from Pickler's Pop.

Then the cops showed up and Poppa hit a cop WITH HIS CAR.
"According to police, Pickler then hid his car and fled to his house, where he was arrested."

Three years in the joint doesn't seem to be enough for that.
But yay for Pickler! Her stabby daddy is home!


cube said...

Is there no end to the famous trailer trash in the headlines?

Jessey said...

It's so true! And these people are only marginally "famous"

The other sixth place finalists on Idol are, in reverse chronological order, Constantine Maroulis, John Stevens, Carmen Rasmussen and Christina Christian.

Unless you watch the show religiously, you have no idea who those people even are. So, it will take about 2.5 seconds for Kellie "What's A Ballsy?" Pickler to leave our national consciousness.