Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Potty Training, Not Going So Well

This morning, Elizabeth excitedly ran over to her daddy while grabbing her bum.

"Poop daddy! Hafta poop!"

I think Bob and I both jumped out of our skins with joy that she was actually telling us she wanted to go poo-poo in the big girl potty.

Bob brought her into the bathroom, de-diapered her, and set her on the potty seat.
She made a funny scrunchy face, turned red and let out the biggest fart ever to emanate from a 26 pound person.
And that was the end of that.

She climbed down and asked for a clean diaper, which I put on her even though I knew she would immediately soil it and demand ANOTHER clean diaper.
Regardless, she got diapered and went on her merry way.

About an hour later, she comes running over to me and throws something at my feet.

"It's POOP !!" she yelled.

Ugh. It WAS poop.

She immediately received a handwashing, some alcohol gel and a small lecture on the topic of "Let's Not Put Our Hands In Our Diaper and Remove the Contents".

Then, just for good measure, a full bath and hairwashing.
I hate potty training.
I. Hate. It.


Chris said...

... ewww

Definitely going to go for that lecture prematurely for Athena.

Jessey said...

I recommend it.
It's very disgusting.

cube said...

You'll miss these days when she gets older... naw, not really ;-)

Freebird said...

Double ewww!!

You remember that rhyme right? This post made me think of it.

Here I sit brokenhearted
Tried to sh**, but only farted.

Jessey said...

She did it again yesterday and then again this morning.
I may have to wrap her bum in saran wrap to keep her out of there!

Freebird said...

I think she's in search of the poop praise.

Jessey said...

What pray tell is the poop praise?

Freebird said...

This sort of thing, "Oh, you're such a big girl for going in the big girls potty!!"

Jessey said...

Man, if she actually WENT in the big girl potty, I'd throw a parade.
She just won't do it.