Wednesday, May 31, 2006

The Rocker and The Pickler?

From the MSN Gossip section (don't judge me!):

There's nothing quite so magical as when Z-list "American Idol" losers find each other.
People says pseudo-smoldering crooner Constantine Maroulis is wooing Kellie Pickler, who plumbed new dumb blond depths with her calamari and "what's a ballsy" confusion. According to the mag, Maroulis recently picked out a pair of lime green polka-dotted shoes for Kellie, gushing to staffers at a Santa Monica, Calif., boutique, "These are so her." We'll assume he meant that as a compliment.

She's cute, and probably not as dumb as she came off on AI. He looks like death stomped on his face, kicked him in the balls and made him stay up for 72 hours in a row. I just heard that he is getting his own TV show. WTF? I am so disappointed in Pickler. I thought she was a ballsy mink. She's not even 20. This guy is 30-year-old grease - and not in the "Grease is the word" way.
Ew. I'm sick.


Bern said...

Kellie has a bitchy look on her face in that picture!

Freebird said...

Is it just me or is there something really nasty sounding about the name Kellie Pickler?

cube said...

She sure seemed dumb during the one and only American Idol show I watched this season, i.e., the finale. The choice of this guy also makes my point.