Thursday, June 22, 2006

BB7: I'm so ashamed

I watched the Big Brother All-Stars special last night. OK!
I can't help myself. I love Big Brother. It's so voyeuristic and so freaking entertaining.
I've watched it since the first season, when it was on six out of seven nights a week. That was a serious time commitment. But I had no boyfriend, no kids, nothing to passed the time. I actually cried when one of the first season contestants was eliminated. Back then it was America who voted people the houseguests vote each other out, a system I prefer.

Anyway...I don't know if anyone else cares, but I suspect some of you do.
Here are the potential All-Stars (my yay votes in blue, nay votes in red):

Alison - Season 4 - She was a slut, I hate her. She was runner up her season. Let her in just so the others can spit on her.
Bunky - Season 2 - Gay dude. Other than that, I don't remember much about him.
Dana - Season 4 - Big mouth chick. Loved her.
Danielle - Season 3 - I think she was runner up her season. She lives in my old town.
Diane - Season 5 - Hooked up with the eventual winner her season, had skunk hair.
Erika - Season 4 - Aligned with an old guy, super pretty with an UGLY ex...not appropriate.
George - Season 1 - He got my fave voted off on his season. Screw Chicken George.
Howie - Season 6 - Hurricane Howie was loud and obnoxious. Loved him.
Ivette - Season 6 - Shrill and annoying lesbian. She's ok though.
James - Season 6 - Total game player. Played both sides. Gotta have him in there.
Janelle - Season 6 - No. No. No. No. Hate this bitch.
Jase - Season 5 - Hell no. This guy makes me want to blind myself.
Kaysar - Season 6 - Sure, why not.
Lisa - Season 3 - Winner. If she gets in, they'll kick her right out.
Marcellas - Season 3 - Gay dude, totally hilarious. Send him in.
Cowboy - Season 5 - His hick shtick bugs me. I hate him. Screw Cowboy.
Mike Boogie - Season 2 - Mike, you're 35, comb your hair. Let him in.
Monika - Season 2 - I totally don't remember her at all. She looks annoying though.
Nakomis - Season 5 - Can't recall why I liked her, her clips last night bugged me.
Dr. Will - Season 2 - Winner. He's diabolical. Gotta have him.

Although, for the sake of honesty and full disclosure. I'm not ACTUALLY going to vote for anyone. I'm just going to watch and complain when America gets it wrong and sends in Janelle and Jase and stupid Cowboy. Damn you!


Meredith said...

Never watched the show, but I think the guy who won in Season 1 was from Fresno, and I saw him at the PB Bar & Grill in San Diego one night. People were asking for his autograph and stuff...why are reality stars famous???

Jessey said...

If you're on TV you must be important...right?