Friday, June 09, 2006

Why Didn't I Think Of This?

I make my own tomato sauce. I make it and can it at home. It saves TONS of money compared to buying the Classico brand at the store at $3 a pop. I will not eat Ragu. You might as well pour tomato soup over your noodles. Ew.

Anyway, when I make tomato sauce I use a spatula to get all the bits of tomato out of the food processor and to stir the sauce. Tomatoes turn spatulas pinkish orange. I have ruined many many many spatulas by turning them pinkish-orange. That stain never comes off.

That's why I bought this from Bed, Bath and Beyond online.
Amazing. Simple, yet brilliant!
Why didn't I think of this?
I coulda been a millionaire!


Chris said...

The simplest ideas are usually the best ones.

Amy said...

I have one of those, they're good. And they're heat resistant, which is good because I always melt them in my food (of course I then serve the food, becasue if I can't taste the melted plastic I forget that others can).

eaf said...

I actually have the white kind made of the same stuff from Pampered Chef. They have NEVER stained. Gotta love that NASA research. I swear they are the best spatulas.

Jessey said...

I have a white one from Pampered Chef too (this is almost getting silly), but mine is crappy. Not only did it stain, but it got a big chunk tore out of it. How annoying!

eaf said...

Holy crap! What in heavens name do you cook?! I'm not sure a mountain lion could rip a chunk off of mine. Perhaps they made improvements since you purchased yours. Unless we bought them at the same time, which seems incredibly likely as this whole zaniness continues.