Thursday, July 06, 2006

Back from Vacay

Here's some Utah pics from our vacation...the stunning high and low point of which was when Elizabeth called her father a "fucking asshole" ... twice .... in UTAH!!


Amy said...

Okay you have to tell the f***ing asshole story. And Utah is so pretty. I remember being wowed when we drove to Alaska.

Jessey said...

First, the scenery pics are from Bryce Canyon, which is a VERY short drive from Bob's grandpa's house in Hatch, which is where all the other pics were taken.

The f***ing asshole story is so beautiful in its simplicity...

We went to a reunion in Cannonville, UT...about a half hour or so from Hatch.
Elizabeth bought a $1 inflatable sword (that orange thing she is fiercely guarding in some of the pics) at the reunion.

For the trip home, Bob put the sword in the trunk of the car, rather than have her swing it around in our faces for a half hour.

She repeatedly BEGGED and PLEADED and WAILED and WHINED for us to let the sword out of the trunk.

Finally, Bob had had enough of it and he hollered back at her.

Elizabeth started to wail and moan and cry...

"You a fucking asshole daddy. You a fucking asshole!"

Bob and I looked at each other as if to say "Did she just say what I THINK she said?!?!"

Then we both started laughing hysterically and had to cover our mouths and stifle it because our laughter only made her more and more furious.

It really was hilarious and horrible all at the same time.

eva said...

Where the F!! did your daughter learn that?? And ohmigod..I think that's the funniest thing I've ever heard.

cube said...

Kids learn the words they hear around the house. Hmmm? One of your favorite phrases maybe? We've all done it.

Jessey said...

Yes, yes, I hang my head in shame.
I say f-ing A and Bob is partial to crazy B. She also calls me crazy. "You crazy mommy! You crazy!"

We've decided that the fun of cussing is over, at least in front of the chitlins.

Anonymous said...

That is too funny. I know a couple who started a cussing jar. Every time they caught each other cussing in front of the kids, the offender had to put in a dollar. If one of the kids did it, they put in a dollar (and probably get a spanking). At the end of a year they had a whole vacation paid for! Plus it's kind of fun to find other ways to cuss each other out.