Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Eleeza and Jessey are Elsewhere...

I am currently on vacation, at least in the sense that I am not at home. I am at my mom's house.
My friend Eleeza just got back from her whirlwind Middle East/Greece/South Africa tour of nations. She is now in Irvine, the real REAL O.C.
But yesterday, for just a little while, our elsewheres overlapped.

Yes, that's right! We saw each other IN REAL LIFE!
We went swimming with the dolphin aka Elizabeth. We lunched at Baja Fresh. It was great.

Eleeza also exercised her mommy muscles (which probably won't fully flex for awhile according to her) by feeding baby Dylan, an admittedly easy task since he'll eat ANYTHING.
I even have the pics to prove that she's not all Jager shots and jetsetting.
(GAH! Blogger's being a poo. Pics later)


eva said...

I am indeed sore today, but I think it's more from carrying Dylan around the supermarket yesterday. As Elizabeth would say, whatever! It was totally fun playing vice-mommy for a day. Let's do it again soon! I love being a dolphin!

Jessey said...


And silly hair!!!