Friday, July 14, 2006

I'm NOT!

Bob's grandpa calls Elizabeth "Little Ardis"

She hates it.

Me: Are you Little Ardis?
Elizabeth: I'm NOT Little Ardis! I'm Bitsabeth!
Me: You're not Little Ardis?
Elizabeth: No I'm NOT!

Later on she claimed to have seen a hamburger where there was no hamburger.

Elizabeth: Hang-ub-ers are gross!
Me: You LOVE hamburgers!
Elizabeth: I NOT love hang-ub-ers! I NOT! They're bad! Hang-ub-ers BAD!

And later yet...

Elizabeth: I NOT twinkle like a diamond in the sky! I NOT!!

But then she changed her mind and said she DID twinkle like a diamond in the sky, so who knows.


eaf said...

The mind-changing in our house is blinding. It's supersonic. It hits you from behind and kicks you in the head. Repeatedly. Hard.

No applejooz! No applejoooooooooooz!
Okay. Ginger Ale.
Ginder Ale.
No Ginder Ale! Applejoooooooooooz!
You want applejuice?

Jessey said...

I see your applejooz, and I raise you one blueberry...

Just yesterday morning, Elizabeth decided she NEEEEEEDED six blueberries. Exactly six. So I put some blueberries on her cereal.
She sat at the table, spooned up some blueberry, put it in her mouth and then spit it back into the bowl.

"Ew! I want blueberry!"
"That is a blueberry."
"That IS blueberry?"
"I want yogurt."