Wednesday, July 26, 2006

One week and I already want to Mace my brother

What is it with some people? Seriously?
My brother is going to be 26 in September. Fricking 26. But he still pulls crap constantly like he's 12 years old. Nay, two years old.

I kind of want to kick him in the balls.

I guess he gets HIS kicks out of tormenting my daughter. He's been teasing her and tricking her and generally pissing her off. Three times he's taken it too far and she's started screaming, crying and ran into my arms where she laid there hugging me like she was in a tsunami and I was the only tree left on the island.
I told my brother to just leave her alone if he can't be nice to her. Of course, he can't resist the temptation of making a toddler cry. He's a first class prick.

This morning, I took a quick shower, and when I went into my room to change I heard my mom and my brother arguing about something outside the door.

Brother: Well she's not nice.
Mom: She's two years old.
Brother: Well, then she'll learn at two. To be nice to people.
Mom: You're 25 years old Greg.
Brother: So.

I asked my mom later what that was all about. She said that Greg was teasing Elizabeth and she got mad and told him "I don't like you."
Apparently, he found THAT offensive and has decided to take it upon himself to teach my child the intricacies of being nice.
What the hell?
He's the biggest dickhole in all the world, and he's decided to become Miss Manners for my two-year-old? I don't fucking think so.

Here's hoping that he just goes away. Far far away. Soon.


Amy said...

Maybe Elizabeth will kick him in the balls.Since she's not nice and all.

Jessey said...

Gosh, that would be slightly awesome, but also frightening since my brother probably isn't above smacking a baby.

eaf said...

Amy, Dude! What happened to your blog?! All I get is a white screen? Is it snowing there?!

Amy said...

Oh my god, that is weird. Maybe my office found out I checked it at work and kicked me off? Maybe Alaska is no longer allowed because we're not American?

Amy said...

Oh my goodness that is so weird! I can log into blogger and i can post something but then it's just white. and it's not an alaska thing because i checked another site. and i wasn't even on my actual site at work today. i must have done something to erase it! and why am i bothering jessey with my problems!

Anonymous said...

Dude, I will fly down there and kick your brother in the balls.

Jessey said...

I got fed up with him last night and cussed him out and then yelled at my mom for putting up with his crap. I made my mom cry. It was a fun time. Not.

eaf said...

Ah... sounds like a relaxing vacation. Lovely. Hurry home...

Jessey said...

Yeah, it's sort of ALWAYS like this here after awhile.
Fun fun fun.

cube said...

If this is the same brother which you've posted about in the past, you shouldn't leave him in the same room with your kids unless you're watching every move.

Jessey said...

Oh goodness I would never dream of it. Never ever never. And that's kind of sad.