Monday, July 10, 2006

A Savings of $18, plus tip

As much as I love to be taken care of, I have little time to myself to get pampered properly.

Since I've been getting my nails done on the pro tip, I've taken Dylan to all but one of my appointments.
This weekend, I got all anxious about the $20+ expenditure and having to take the kids in there, blah blah I just did my own fill at home with an acrylic kit.

Shock of came out FINE. Great even.
I may do this over and over again and then get a regular fill every other month or so, just to keep it all tidy.
I was impressed with my skills, though I'm sure Nora will object to my putting frugality over taking care of myself...truth be told, I'd rather go in and have it done, but hey...I like to save a buck here and there too!

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Freebird said...

Funny. lol Remember you're talking about someone who decided against getting cable and is dragging her clothes to a washateria to save $30 rental fee, but dammit my nails look good!

I switched from colored nail polish on my fingernails to french tip so I could extend my visits longer.