Tuesday, August 22, 2006

My latest experiment

It's very exciting.

Here's the jist:
How many Walmart bags can fit into a Walmart bag?
I think I'm up to 873. Thrilling. Stay tuned.


Freebird said...

Ha! I do that too!

Jill said...

LOL! I just took a load of bags back to WalMart. I was beinging to feel that they were breeding at night!

Amy said...

I bought a pretty bag stuffer to hold them all (I save them to pick up my dog's poop).

Jessey said...

I had one of those, but then it got taken to a yard sale to use the bags for stuffing our crap, uh, I mean merchandise, into for people to take away...and then I never saw it again. That was like three or four months ago.

Amy said...

Well, we shove all of our bags into one bag when we come home from the food store. But then David stuffs the one bag containing all the other bags into the cute bag holder, so for the past two days the bag I'm trying to pull out is the one with all the bags in it. You cannot pull one bag crammed with 15 bags through a tiny hole. Useless.

cube said...

We could go though all 873 bags to pick up our dog's poop in one week...OK, give or take a bag or two ;-)