Thursday, September 07, 2006

My Daughter the Techno-phile

Probably just because the word CHOCOLATE is involved, my daughter has fallen in love with the Chocolate phone.

Everytime she sees the commercial (and I mean, the first two SECONDS of the commercial) she FREAKS OUT!

"It's the CHOCOLATE PHONE!!!!"

She doesn't even know what the Chocolate phone is, but she knows she loves it.
When I told her that my brother, her Uncle Greg, actually OWNS a Chocolate phone, he became her instant hero. Like, superhero. Superhero Robot. She basically now thinks he is a god. Nay - God.

Here they are together about a thousand years ago (in years-felt, not years-lived).


Jessey said...

She still owns and WEARS those pajamas, by the way.

Jill said...

Well at least someone is paying attention to those commercials...
I zoned out a long time ago!