Friday, September 22, 2006

Personal Differences

Last night I threw away a bouquet of flowers that had overstayed it's welcome. It was wilty and smelly.

My husband Bob (who is home now by the way) then took the smelly vase, dumped the water out over the balcony and left the vase outside on the patio table.

I then went outside, picked up the vase, brought it into the kitchen and scrubbed the stink off of it.

That pretty much sums up the differences between Bob and I. A problem comes up and he put it outside, doesn't think another thing about it and definitely doesn't do anything more about it. And if the wind knocks the vase (a wedding present) over, thus making more problems, well, shit, somehow it wouldn't be his fault.

Whereas, I take the problem and fix it.
Fairly incompatible styles, no?


Meredith said...

I thought men were the ones who were supposed to be the problem fixers?

eaf said...

This is why opposites attract. One to create the stink, the other to dispose of it. Etc.

Jessey said...

I thought so too Mer...I guess I was wrong.

Amy said...

So maybe you posted and deleted or something, but where is the "and bob is home by the way" story?

Jessey said...

Coming Soon to a blog near you!