Monday, September 18, 2006

Some sick freak steals a newborn, slashes mom

This is more proof that there is evil in the world.

If you can't even put up a sign in your yard announcing the birth of your precious baby for fear of kidnapping, then the world is a sicker, sadder place than I ever wanted to imagine.
I'm glad the poor mother is home and recovering, though she's probably out of her mind with fear.
My prayers are that whatever screwed up bitch took Baby Abigale will be found and the baby will be safe and sound.
Everybody pray with me.


Freebird said...

It's scary out there.

Jill said...

Have you noticed that more and more there are "sick" women out there who are willing to do almost anything to convince others that they are pregnant or had a baby? It wasn't always like that. What is wrong with people? So Sad.

Jessey said...

Yay! Baby is home!

Freebird said...

Yes, YAY! I read that this morning. I bet that mom is sooo relieved.