Friday, October 20, 2006

News of the World

Here's what the world is coming to as we head into the weekend...

*North Korea is "sorry" they tested a nuke. What? Sorry!?!? It's not like dropping a glass Kim Jong. Crazy midget.

*Federal authorities charged a 20-year-old Wisconsin man with making a hoax threat involving attacking seven NFL stadiums with so-called "dirty" bombs.

An FBI official in Washington, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the case is still under investigation, told The Associated Press that a Milwaukee man acknowledged posting the phony stadium threat as part of a "writing duel" with a man from the Brownsville, Texas, area to see who could post the scariest threat.


*Bindi Irwin's planned nature series has been put on hold so she won't be "exploited"...good luck with that.

*Scientists have created a "cloak of invisibility". Awesome! Finally!

*Sara Evans' husband is a perv.

*George O'Malley is gay?!? Moreover, he's 33?!? Shocking.

*Wesley Snipes, accused of tax evasion, is in Namibia. Ah, Namibia.

*Oh and BIG newsflash Most mothers don't get enough sleep


Chris said...

I would totally win that threat writing contest:

I would just post that Dubya would successfully repeal the 22nd amendment.

Jessey said...

I'd be much more scared if he was able to repeal the 21st Amendment

eaf said...

Hey! That cloak of invisibility was developed at Duke! Suh-WEET! I live near smart people.

Jessey said...

Smart people AAAAAAAAAND rapers! Yee haw!