Monday, October 09, 2006

The One in Which I am Stupid

It's been raining like crazy here.
Last night we were in a Severe Thunderstorm Watch, with a possibility of nickel-sized hail and tornados. Tornados! I spent 20 minutes thinking about what room would be our "cellar" if a tornado struck. I settled on the master bedroom's closet. At least all the clothes would cushion us.
The night before that we actually GOT nickel-sized hail. The cacophony was deafening. It woke me up, and being the insomniac that I am I was up for awhile listening to the hail beat our roof.

This morning, we wake up and everything outside is wet. There's water dripping from the power lines, water all over the deck, water all over the cars. The water mixed with the cinder driveway to make wonderful mud. Ah overnight rain!

I stood out on the deck enjoying the cool crisp air and I started to see flurries.
Flurries! It's 45 degrees out!

"Bob look! It's flurrying!"
"What? It's not cold enough to flurry!"

He comes out and doesn't see anything.

"Look! There's one! And there's one!" I said.
"You're losing your mind," he whispered in my ear.

"No! Look, there's one right there!"
Finally he saw it.

"Ok, you're seeing ashes coming out of Bill's chimmney."
He walked inside the house, laughing.

"At least I'm not crazy! I was seeing SOMETHING!"


Meredith said...

We are supposed to get a rain/snow mix on Thursday. It's crazy! I wonder if this means we'll have a bad winter.Ugh!

Jessey said...

They're saying we are going to have an early snow, and lots of it. That's better than last year's total lack of snow and then one big snowstorm in MARCH!
Ugh. That sucked.

eaf said...

I doubt NC will ever see snow again what with global warming and all.

And I'm good with that.

Now, ashes from someone's chimney? We'll get lots of that.

*singing* I'm... dreaming of a grey... Christmas...