Thursday, October 05, 2006

Stupid County Workers

Our government sucks.

Yesterday the county came out to put in culverts to stop this from happening again.

Buuuuut. Because the county workers are idiots, instead of fixing the road, they dug right through the water line with their backhoe.

So water gushed out from the hole and down into the gulley and all over the place. It was like a waterfall.
Naturally, they turned off the water, so we had no running water for about half a day.
Luckily I had already taken a shower.

Because of their idiocy, they spent the rest of the day fixing the water line instead of fixing the road. So by the time they left, the road was still unfixed.

Cut to this morning...
The backhoes return, the county shuts down our road and starts digging it up, again.

They've been out there three hours and all they've got is a big hole.
There are three guys standing around watching another guy dig a hole.

Here's the best part. Our garbage won't be picked up today because they closed our road. Wouldn't you think they would coordinate that better. Idiots!

Bob came home from work early because of rain and said "Here's hoping they don't go through the water line again."

I just hope they finish before the thunderstorms roll in this afternoon. Morons.

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Jessey said...'s the final's raining like CRAZY right now, has been all night.
The culvert they put in ISN'T WORKING!
It's a lake next door, yet again.