Tuesday, October 10, 2006

This Product is FROM HEAVEN

Although my son is an excellent eater (he will eat anything, he tried to eat poo this morning, no lie), my daughter is a picky toddler.
Literally, she picks at her food, complains about it and whines for cookies.

She used to be a great eater,
until she turned 2.
Now, it's a struggle to get nutritious food into her belly every day. She did go on a chicken nugget spree, where she ate chicken nuggets every single day. That fetish is over and we're on to PB&J, but not just ANY PB&J...it has to be PB&J cut with the "harpsichord" (those damned musical Little Einsteins!)

What the harpischord actually IS is a heart shaped sandwich cutter. It's AMAZING! Using the Love Bites cutter, Elizabeth has been tricked into eating PB&J, peanut butter and banana sandwich (when we had no J), and today she even ate GRILLED CHEESE (heart-shaped of course). The last time she ate grilled cheese she was a year old, see above picture.

If only you could cut pot roast into heart shapes with the damn thing. Or chicken breasts, or spaghetti, or broccoli....
You get my drift.


Amy said...

I bet you could cut pot roast. And what if you smashed the broccoli into the cutter and made it into a heart shape? Maybe that would work if you bought a cookie cutter.

eaf said...

I bet it would work with chicken too. At least it would make the imprint and you could knife the shape the rest of the way out. :-)

Jessey said...

You guys are culinary geniuses...far beyond my mere mortal ways.