Thursday, November 16, 2006

Emmitt wins!!!!!!!

Emmitt Smith wins Dancing with the Stars

I don't even WATCH this show, but I know half of America DOES so this must be horribly important news.

Poor sad AC Slater. First he cheated on Ali Landry and ended up annulled, now THIS!
You just know he thought he had it in the bag as soon as Joey "Whoa" Lawrence got the boot.
He's probably high kicking himself in the ass RIGHT NOW!


Freebird said...

I've been watching this hit/miss and gotta say Mario deserved that win. That boy can dance!!

Jessey said...

I definitely would have thought so at the outset of the season. I expected it to come down to Mario vs Whoa.
Emmitt must be truly loved by America to pull out the win.

maribeth said...

I just saw on that Mario was hanging with Britney in Vegas! I know we're all proud of the britster dumping k-nasty but mario?!? I don't watch the show either but I saw the finale as I was at my in-laws. She was so happy that Emmitt won but from what I can tell Mario was the better dancer.

Jessey said...

No no no no no!!!!

Britney with Mario Lopez is like jumping out of the frying pan and leaping into another frying pan with bigger dimples.


I think Britney should ask me before she decides on anyone to date. And give me veto power. And stop getting weaves. Please.