Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Learning from the past

I was just browsing through some old entries...

Turns out, my kids love to get sick.

Feb. 2005 Elizabeth gets a cold with a crazy high fever which turns into explosive diarrhea which subsides just in time for PINK EYE!!!

Oct. 2005 Elizabeth gets a high fever and on the way to the docs I blow a tire out. The next day she goes to the ER with a temp of over 104 and the nurses make us sit there for three hours waiting to see if the magical potion they gave her works. The magic? Motrin. Huh? Just tell me, give her motrin, and send me HOME!

Nov. 2005 Elizabeth gets croup the day before Thanksgiving and has to take steroids to get rid of it. Bob and I were also slightly under the weather for last Thanksgiving's festivities.

Jan. 2006 Just 20 days after her brother is born, Elizabeth gets the croup AGAIN and gets on steroids again. A week later Dylan is hospitalized for RSV and ends up staying admitted for nine days.

What is becoming apparently clear to me is that I am in the thick of sick season now. Apparently from October to March, my kids want to get sick sick sick.

Right now me and the two kids have head colds. Dylan's is the worst. Hopefully he won't get the RSV again. Please please please.

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