Monday, November 06, 2006

The One Where I Realize I Have to Stop Cussing

Elizabeth and I were doing "crafties" yesterday. I was making scrapbook pages, she was randomly cutting paper with edging scissors. Sometimes her crafties came out better than mine, but I digress.

We were sitting around the dining room table. I had the football game on (Miami vs. Chicago) in the background. Dylan was napping, so it was just us girls.

At one point during the game, the crowd noise got very loud and there was hooting and hollering and "I love you Brian!!" (Urlacher) and Elizabeth turned to me and said:

"What the hell? What the hell is the matter with the football game?"

I told her sometimes it just gets loud and that's how it goes. It was an explanation she accepted.

Then later on, she wanted to watch Dora, so I put a Dora show on the computer for her. But a few seconds into the show (20 to be exact) the picture froze up but the audio continued. I couldn't get the player to unfreeze, so I restarted the computer and got this wonderful response from my child:

Elizabeth: Why did you do that! Don't turn off the 'puter! I need it on!

Me: It turned itself off, it's coming back.

Elizabeth: Oh, OK. I need it back on.

About a half hour later Dora was over and we were onto Little Einsteins. This time, the 'puter got too warm (I know, I know, I need to replace a fan) and restarted itself.

Elizabeth: WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!?!? (wailing and crying)
Me: The computer got hot and it needs a rest.
Elizabeth: NO NO NO! I need it on! I need Little Einsteins.
Me: Maybe someone else needs a rest too.
Elizabeth: NOOOOOOOO! I do NOT NEED A REEEEEEEEEST! You go away from me. Stop talking to meeeeeeeeeeeeee!

It was a request I happily obliged.

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