Tuesday, December 12, 2006

First Day

Yesterday was my first day back to work, and the kids' first day at preschool/daycare.

When I dropped them off I was crying, but they seemed just fine. The girls in the infant room strapped Dylan into a highchair and gave him toast, he was in hog heaven.
Elizabeth practically ran into the 2-year-old room and started taking over. She immediately began playing with the other kids and I don't think she even noticed that I had left.

My day was good. I'm working as an assistant for a friend of mine, so my boss is super nice. I think it also helps that I am working at a place I already have worked for and most everyone there is a friend of mine. So it's not like a "new" job with all those "new job" jitters. I already know the place, know the people and they know me, so that's a definite plus.
I'll be working on keeping the newspaper's website updated. Uploading the articles and pictures, monitoring the reader comments, updating and building web ads, that sort of thing. It will be fun. By the time I learn everything, I will be an HTML wiz.

When it came time to leave work, I practically ran to my car and sped to the preschool to get my babies. I went to get Dylan first. He was kicking back in a baby swing with a bottle of milk. When he saw me, he burst into tears. Poor baby!
I still don't know if he was upset because he had just realized I left him all day or if he was upset because he knew he would have to leave his baby playland paradise. The gals said he was happy and perfect all day. That's my boy!

When I went to pick up Elizabeth from her room she barely even acknowledged my presence at first. Then she was like "Mommy?! You're here! And Dylan's here!"
Then she was excited....to put on her backpack....
She said she sang songs and clapped her hands and played a lot. The "other kids" took a nap, and I'm not sure if she did or not! She did stay up until almost 10 pm last night, so maybe she did! I also heard she did great on the potty training, other than the fact that she likes to get totally naked to take a pee. (Paging George Costanza)

After we got home, Bob had already started dinner and a fire! Yay! When Dylan started getting sleepy, around 7pm, I was like Noooooo! I want to play with you!!! But there's no use trying to keep a sleepy baby awake. Just no use!

I'm glad that everything went smooth and everyone was happy. It makes me feel like less of a failure as a mother and less guilty too.


Amy said...

I'm glad things went okay!

debbie d said...

awwwww.... sweet story. sounds like everyone had a nice day. I'm happy for y'all!

eaf said...

See!? I told you. Glad they had a good day. There will be not-so-good days as well. But they are far fewer.

We just want Athena to start telling us more about her day. When we ask what she did at school, she always says "Animals!" and "Friends!"

Her needs are simple. I suppose I should be thankful.

Jessey said...

I know what you mean. I asked Elizabeth and she said "we sang and clapped!"

Then I asked her if she took a nap and she said "the other kids did!"

But hey, I picked her up, she was happy, she peeped and pooped in the potty all day.
I'm happy!

eaf said...

Ah yes, our needs are simple too. My kid goes potty (in the correct receptacle) and the angels sing and the trumpets sound. Life is good.