Monday, December 04, 2006


Having a plumber in the family is coming in handy for me.

Today, I left the house at 11 am. Signed the kids up at the daycare, went and got them backpacks at Walmart, got Dylan his booster flu shot and stopped by work to let them know I'm starting on Monday.

I got back a little after 2 pm.

There was a fountain in my front yard.

One of the hose spigots had totally exploded and was shooting water everywhere for Lord knows how long.

I ran around like crazy trying to find the water key to turn the water off. Couldn't find it anywhere. About a half hour later I finally found the damn thing half buried in snow on top of the old toolbox. Sonofa! If I wasn't in such a total crazy panic I would have had the presence of mind to snap a pic of the giant fountain...suffice it to say, it was very tall and very wet.

So I turned off the water and waited for Bob to get home to fix the spigot.
However, my plumber BIL got wind of this situation (probably because I called him in total panic when I was searching for the water key and my yard was flooding up like CRAZY MAD) and showed up out here about 15 minutes ago to fix the spigot.


Here he is taking a phone call right next to the busted spigot as our renter Bill looks on....


debbie d said...

such a monday! glad things are all worked out... and, congrats on the new job!
p.s. i'm jealous of the handiwork in your family....

Jessey said...

They do come in handy!

Jessey said...

Note: All of our snow is gone, except the snow that was lucky enough to fall into a shady area. Lucky shady snow!