Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Small World

I just found out that my friend from college, Meredith, is moving to New Jersey sometime in the next year or so.
As many of you know, I was born in NJ, lived there until I was 5. We used to go back and visit as kids all the time.

In Meredith's post about her move her friend Maribeth (from Ohio, where Mer lives now) said that she used to summer at the shore all the time as a kid on Long Beach Island...

Helllloooooo!! That's where we went too!
My grandparents owned a place in Beach Haven West (Manahawkin) and we'd go to LBI all the time. Ship Bottom, Surf City, oh yeah.

Here's the blurry photographic proof...


Jessey said...

I have this picture on my desk. It's really not blurry at all. I just don't have a scanner and had to take a picture of the picture...lame.

Anonymous said...

you totally crack me up..... what a wonderful way to use your surroundings!!!

I actually have a scanner and digi camera, and still, very rarely, actually post pictures.

has anyone told you, 'you rock!,' today?

maribeth said...

I thought you might want some background on how some ohio chic would go to the jersey shore to vacation... my folks grew up back east and a few transfers for my dad landed us in the buckeye state. I spent most of my life here but we would go back east for the summers and spend it at LBI. I loved it there. We would go to the Catholic festival, get pies at Tony's (greatest pizza ever), shop at the Ship Bottom store, & hit those crazy waterslides that we in a huge manmade hill. I actually own a dollhouse that my parents bought from a man who had a dollhouse business on the island... I loved going there too.
Oh sweet memories! Loved the picture - I think I have a few of those myself!

Meredith said...

Loving the Jersey memories! One of Kev's Aunts lives in Manahawkin, yet I have never been there. Only been to AC and Cape May. I am looking forward to being a Jersey girl! Of course I will always be a Boston gal at heart. And NEVER a Yankess fan!